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Welcome to Jordan Valley Solidarity

27 May 2015

Israel Orders 4 Jordan Valley Families to Leave Temporarily for Military Drills

In early May the Israeli Occupation carried out major military training in the northern Jordan Valley from Fasayil to the north of Bardala. Hundreds of local Palestinians were evacuated fro their homes, new-born lambs died for lack of shelter, hillsides were burnt, and there was the repeated sounds of military jets and helicopters overhead,… read full article
Putting out fire near Al Hadidiya
16 May 2015

Al-Araby - Burning gold: Israel's destruction of Jordan Valley harvests

Published by Al ARaby Al Jadeed 14th May 2015: Alice Gray The Jordan Valley is a sea of gold: following the best winter rains the region has seen in decades, fields of wheat and barley ripple in the breeze, their heads heavy with grain that will sustain pastoralist communities and their animals through the long heat of the summer to come. It is a… read full article
10 May 2015

Resistance through culture and theatre

For several months Jordan Valley Solidarity has been working in Partnership with Ashtar Theatre. Together they have brought together a group of 6 young people from the valley to share their experiences and put them together in a play, which is now being performed as part of Ashtar’s 2015 festival. On 9th May a group of JVS activists attended the… read full article
Humsa after military training
10 May 2015

A week military training prevents Palestinian children from going to school

Since 3rd May 2015, the Palestinian communities in The Jordan Valley have witnessed some of the worst military training by the Israeli forces in recent history. Hundreds of army jeeps, tanks and soldiers have been deployed in villages throughout The Jordan Valley, setting fire to Palestinian land and crops, threatening house demolitions and… read full article
08 May 2015

Israeli army drills displace hundreds in rural Palestinian communities

Published by Maan News BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Hundreds of Palestinian villagers in the northern Jordan Valley have been forcibly displaced this week as Israel conducts unprecedented military drills around villages near Tubas. The army drills, which began on Sunday, have seen a large-scale mobilization of Israeli military vehicles around villages… read full article
05 May 2015

Press Conference: Israel's ongoing military exercise in the Jordan Valley

Since Sunday May 3 at dawn, Israel is undertaking an unprecedented military operation in the Jordan Valley, occupied West Bank, which is likely to last until Saturday or Sunday. Hundreds of military vehicles, helicopters and heavy machinery are currently destroying Palestinian land and threatening Palestinian crops and new born lambs. Five… read full article
04 May 2015

Israeil military training in the Jordan Valley - Day 2

We are now into the second day of extensive military training in the Jordan Valley which is affecting 1000's of Palestinian communities from Fasayil to north of Bardala. We are asking all of our international supporters to: follow us on twitter at @jvsolidarity to get regular updates about the situation share information about this as widely as… read full article
04 May 2015

Call to EU - Act now on Israeli military training

Today, May 4 2015, the Land Defense Coalition and the Jordan Valley Solidarity has submitted a letter to the EU Commission and diplomatic missions of member states asking for urgent action and denouncing the military exercises that Israel is holding to an unprecedented length and extent in the Jordan Valley occupied Palestinian territory. The… read full article
03 May 2015

Intensive military training starts 3rd May

Follow @jvsolidarity on twitter for regular updates 9.30pm The occupation forces have now closed the road in Al Jiftlik village. There are about 50 IOF jeeps carrying out this blockade and around 100 Palestinians in the area are stuck and can't continue their journey home. 8.30pm It is now dark and we can see and hear low flying jets over Fasayil… read full article
Humsa 1 April 2014
02 May 2015

Updated call for action against Israeli military training in Jordan Valley

Today, 1st May 2015, we have petitioned the UN, international emabassies and international NGOs to put pressure on the occupation forces to stop the military training in the nortern Jordan Valley. This training will devastate the communities of Humsa Fouqa, Ibziq and Ras ar Ahmar and all of the surrounding area once again. Jordan Valley Solidarity… read full article
Ali Abu Lakbash in Humsa
02 May 2015

JVS petitions UN, embassies and NGOs to act now to protect communities in military training area

Jordan Valley Solidarity have issued a petition to the UN, international embassies and international NGOs to take immediate action to protect the vulnerable communities in the Jordan Valley, where the occupation forces are planning to carry our major military exercises using live ammunition. To:United NationsAll international embassies and… read full article
Military training in 2011
01 May 2015

Occupation forces plan military training in northern Jordan Valley 2nd - 9th May: Call for support

The occupation forces have been announcing their plans to once again carry out military training with live ammunition in the northern Jordan Valley around the homes and farms of Palestinian communities. The whole village of Humsa have been told to evacuate their homes and JVS activists are recording increased IOF activity and movements in the… read full article
29 April 2015

Israeli forces make four families homeless in one day – Four houses demolished in Jiftlik

Yesterday morning (27th of April 2015) at 5 am in the area of al Makhrouk, al Jiftlik, the Israeli military arrived with bulldozers and demolished four houses belonging to Fathe Abdullah Ahmad Tareeq and Yakub, Mohammed and Mahmoud Lahafe Dadoub. The houses were located right next to the agricultural settlements of Masu'a and Argaman. The first… read full article
IMG 0225a
26 April 2015

Sustainable community centre built in 24 hrs

Our latest project in Fasayil village is an amazing round community centre, built with a wooden frame and mud bricks. We brought together international and local volunteers, who worked together to build the centre in just 24 hours. This will provide a new space for workshops, training and meetings by Jordan Valley Solidarity and for all sections… read full article
20 April 2015

Human Rights Watch condemn abuse of child labour in Israel's Jordan Valley settlements

Human Rights Watch have published a substantial new report 'Ripe for Abuse: Palestinian Child Labor in Israeli AgriculturalSettlements in the West Bank' documenting the exploitation and abuse of child labour by Israel's illegal settlements in the Jordan Valley. This thorough and detailed report brings to the attention of the world the appalling… read full article