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Welcome to Jordan Valley Solidarity

12 April 2014

Video: Water situation in the Jordan valley (Homsa and Fasayel)

Across the entirety of Area C, families exist in a permanent state of insecurity; without water, electricity or the ability to build homes, schools or clinics. They cannot repair damaged infrastructure, e.g. potholed roads, and house demolitions occur with frightening frequency: one family in Al Jiftlik has had their home destroyed 5 times in the… read full article
12 April 2014

Video: Women of the Jordan Valley

Nevin Khadyrat on the situation of women in the Jordan Valley, Palestine, and Jordan Valley Solidarity's work to bring women together and inform them of their rights. 5L5mdavdITY read full article
07 April 2014

“We’re not harming anyone, so why would they want to evict us?"

Published in the Daily Star, Lebanon: 7th April 2014 KHIRBET AIN KARZALIYA, Palestine: Two weeks after their fragile tin shacks were destroyed by Israeli bulldozers, and his family are still sleeping under the stars, struggling to resume some semblance of normal life. For this 50-year-old Bedouin shepherd, it is the third time that he and his… read full article
01 April 2014

Destruction of Khirbet Humsa

In the early morning of 1st April 2014 the occupation forces demolished 13 homes and shelters in the Palestinian community of Khirbet Humsa, in the northern Jordan Valley. At 9am ten jeeps, each with several Israeli soldiers inside, one Bulldozer and a forklift truck invaded Khirbet Humsa. They destroyed three homes, and lanimal shelters,… read full article
20March2014 Entrance to Samra village
21 March 2014

Occupation forces stop building work on Samra school

OIcpWSVbStA On 18th March the Freedom Bus left Jenin to travel into the Jordan Valley. They planned to go to Al Hadidiya to work with the local community there, but were prevented from accessing the area by the occupation forces. The next day they witnessed the occupation forces carrying out military training in the area near Al Hadidiya, but did… read full article
20 March 2014

Birzeit University and Healthy Work Community volunteers visit Jordan Valley

Today , 16th of March, around a hundred people, Palestinians , students from Birzeit University and Healthy Work Community volunteers, came to Jordan Valley to understand the situation, in order to see how they could support the people existed under the israeli occupation . Most of them were shocked because of the things that happen in this area.… read full article
07 March 2014

AIC: 160 people forcibly displaced from 'firing zones' along Jordan Valley during January 2014

First Published by Alternative Information Center on 5th March 2014 Israeli forces raided the northern Jordan Valley on Tuesday and ordered 21 Palestinian families in Wadi Ibziq to leave their homes from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. The order's objective was to allow the army to conduct military exercises in the area. The Jordan Valley, which is considered… read full article
01 March 2014

Israeli army invades JVS centre in Fasayil

February 28a, Fasayil, Palestine 28th February 2014 Today, in the morning, two palestinians and three brazilian internationals were carrying repairs to the JVS Centre, in Fasayil. The house is more than eighty years and is the oldest house in the village. At eleven o'clock in the morning four israeli soldiers arrived in JVS Centre.They have not… read full article
17 February 2014

Demolitions in Khirbet Yarza

Today, the Israeli military went to Khirbet Yarza, in the North of Jordan Valley, to destroy houses and animals tents. They arrived at 6am with 12 jeeps, 2 bulldozers and 100 soldiers and declared a closure The army destroyed three houses and two tents which the animals lived in. They also confiscated one tractor and took it to the army base close… read full article
Al hadidiya 8Feb2014 2
09 February 2014

Occupation forces prevent JVS activists access to Al Hadidiya village

On Saturday 8 February the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) prevented around 60 activists from the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign (JVS) and Falastenyat group from entering Al Hadidiya village, in the northern Jordan Valley. After an hour and a half, during which time the IOF claimed they were checking the ID's of the activists, the Occupation… read full article
UN OCHA demolitions 2013
06 February 2014

UN: demolitions in the Jordan Valley escalated in 2013

UN OCHA OPT(United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territories) has just released a new map, "Israeli demolitions of Palestinian property in the Jordan Valley in 2013." The map shows the location of the Israeli authorities' destruction of Palestinian property, the volume of such destruction… read full article
Olive trees destroyed in Zbeidat
06 February 2014

Palestinian date trees destroyed

On Thursday 6th February 2014 the Israeli Occupation forces destroyed 120 date trees were destroyed by the Israeli army during an action in Zbeidat village, Jordan Valley. The soldiers came to Hassan Germi's farm at seven in the morning with two bulldozers, fulfilling the destruction order issued last year. They claimed that the land, only ten… read full article
Ain Hajila 4Feb2014
06 February 2014

Ein Hajleh village attacked by occupation forces

Ein Hajleh village, located in the southern Jordan Valley, was destroyed by Israel in 1967. Since then, no Palestinians have lived there. But five days ago, on Friday 31st January 2014, a group of Palestinian activists arrived to reoccupy the area. Yesterday, 4th February 2014, the Israeli Occupation Forces came to take away the signs, placed all… read full article
02 February 2014

UN official urges halt to displacement of Palestinians as Israel continues demolitions 31 January 2014 – A senior United Nations relief official today called for a halt to the displacement of Palestinians in the Jordan Valley, after 66 people, including 36 children, were uprooted in the latest round of Israeli demolitions in the area. The call by James W. Rawley, the UN… read full article
31 January 2014

Harassment and demolitions continue in Al Maleh

At 6.30am on 30th January 2014 20 Israeli army jeeps and 2 bulldozers arrived in the village of Umal Jmal, in Hammat Maleh, to destroy Palestinian houses. They remained there until 8.00am and destroyed houses and animal shelters. This action affected 12 families and around 100 people. After the Israeli army left, the families started to set up… read full article