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Welcome to Jordan Valley Solidarity

20 April 2015

Human Rights Watch condemn abuse of child labour in Israel's Jordan Valley settlements

Human Rights Watch have published a substantial new report 'Ripe for Abuse: Palestinian Child Labor in Israeli AgriculturalSettlements in the West Bank' documenting the exploitation and abuse of child labour by Israel's illegal settlements in the Jordan Valley. This thorough and detailed report brings to the attention of the world the appalling… read full article
27 March 2015

Cycle 48 in the Jordan Valley

Thank you to Cycle 48 for coming to spend some time in the Jordan Valley. This post originaly appeared on “You couldn’t find a better place to go on holiday?” The soldier tried to joke with me as he looked at my passport when I passed through the checkpoint. I ignored him, in my head thinking it would be one of the… read full article
25 March 2015

Freedom Theatre visits Fasayil

On March 22, 2015, the Freedom Bus arrived in the Jordan Valley, where we met with the coordinator of Jordan Valley Solidarity, Rashed. The Freedom Bus's first stop in the Jordan Valley was at Arabi al-Ka'abneh. The riders got off the bus and gathered at the cross roads of Omer colony, where Rashed explained the situation in the area. We saw the… read full article
18 March 2015

Urgent: Demolition in Makhool

On 18th March 2015 at 8:00 in the morning two bulldozers with five jeeps attacked the community Makhool in the north of the Jordan Valley. Four families lost their houses, which were destroyed. The names of those families are Mahmoud Ali Bsharat, Muhammed Ali Bsharat, also Ashraf Ali Bsharat, and Husien Ahmad Bsharat. The houses of these four… read full article
17 March 2015

Agriculture in Fasayil

The group from Jordan Valley Solidarity and our international friends from Canada, France, United States and South Korea have helped six families from Fasayil whose land has been threatened to be confiscated return back to their lands. These are the families of Omar Mohammad, Sherefee Dahud, Mohamad Noaboreh, Somaya Adel, Imad Abayat and Jamal… read full article
12 March 2015

Al Jiflik Demolitions - update

On 11th March Jordan Valley Solidarity provided five water tanks to the families whose homes were demolished on 10th March in Al Jiflik. Their water tanks were also destroyed during the demolition. Background On 10th March the homes of Ralib Drarme, Yousef Shael, Ibrahim Obrarmesh and Hasan Drarme in Al Makhroq community, Al Jiflik, were… read full article
11 March 2015

2015 Freedom Ride, Freedom Theatre

We only have a couple of weeks to go until this year’s Freedom Ride in occupied Palestine begins! At The Freedom Theatre we are beyond excited, especially since this ride will involve so many of us, in different capacities. Our Theatre School students will for the first time be part of the whole ride and do workshops and performances, as will our… read full article
Settlements in Jordan valley 20Sep12
11 March 2015

Middle East Monitor: Israel's 'moral' army: expanding settlements, expelling Palestinians

Published on 9th March 2015 The Israeli army has recently changed the status of West Bank land east of Jerusalem to enable the expansion of Ma'aleh Adumim settlement. The order, signed on 18 January by Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon, cancels the status of a military firing zone in the Jordan Valley known as 'Firing Zone 912', an area stretching all the way… read full article
10 March 2015

50 people made homeless in Jordan Valley demolitions

This morning the homes of Ralib Drarme, Yousef Shael, Ibrahim Obrarmesh and Hasan Drarme in Al Makhroq community, Al Jiflik were demolished by the Israeli army. These four families include 50 people in total, most of whom are young children. At 7:30 am, four military adminitration cars, three militay jeeps, one police jeep, one car filled with… read full article
A Palestinian bedouin woman
08 March 2015

Fifth annual women's conference held in the Jordan Valley

On 3rd March 2015, Jordan Valley Solidarity, in partnership with the Centre for Freedom and Justice, held the fifth annual Woman's Conference in the North of the Jordan Valley. The event was held in Mak-hul which is next to Al Hadidiya, under threat of demolition. The conference began with speeches from many in the resistance movement in… read full article
Ein Korziliya 4th March 2015
04 March 2015

Homes in Ein Korziliya, Al Jiftlik demolished for the 9th time

At 6 am on Wednesday 4th March '15 the homes of three brothers from the Zeti Cottua Cosim family, were demolished along with the shelters for their animals. This is the 9th time these homes in Ein Korziliya, Al Jiftlik, have been demolished. They were demolished once in 2008, three times in 2012 and five times since 2013, with the last time being… read full article
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24 February 2015

Harassment of Palestinain drivers on apartheid roads

Harrassment of Palestinians by the Israeli police on the apartheid roads in the Jordan Valley are an everyday occurrance. On 23rd February 2015, the harrassemnt of Nihad Ali Alajul, a 32 year old father to four children, lead to his death. Tthe Israeli police tried to stop Ali's car in order to impose a fine on the driver. While they were… read full article
16 February 2015

Alternative Information Center (AIC): 600 Palestinian-owned structures demolished in 2014

Published on 15th February 2015 600 Palestinian-owned structures were demolished in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 2014, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the occupied Palestinian territory. Of these, 242 were residential and 358 livelihood or other structures. 16 percent of demolitions occurred in… read full article
14 February 2015

Workshop for environmental activists: call for participants

Building local communities of resistance in Palestine based on environmental justice and self-sufficiency This workshop aims to shed light on the nexus between water, food and energy from the Palestinian perspective of life under occupation. It takes an in-depth look at theories of politics, the environment, and colonial ideology. The workshop… read full article
14 February 2015

Middle East Monitor: Water running dry for Palestinians as Israel turns off the taps

Published on 11th February 2015 In the northern Jordan Valley last week, Israeli forces destroyed a 1,000 metre pipeline built to provide water to Palestinian communities. In East Jerusalem, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been cut off from a regular supply of running water for nearly a year. In Gaza, the water infrastructure has been… read full article